Ovum Donor or Surrogate

Ovum Donors and Surrogates donate from the heart

It takes a lot of courage to be part of a program such as this. Your overwhelming generosity gives new meaning to life and brings it to a whole different level.

The events that take place with our program are life-changing, and not just for the intended parents but for the donors and surrogates as well. During this program, you will go on an amazing journey and be awe-inspired by the emotions that will take hold of you. This journey will consume your mind and body. So we look for someone who is compassionate, who is strong and holds true to being passionate about what our program does for others.

We screen all applications. We fully outline what our agency does, each step of the process, the level of support that is provided, and our commitment to the donors, surrogates and intended parents. We review the applicant’s questionnaire with them to; confirm it accurately represents the candidate and validates their level of commitment, dedication, and responsibility. Additionally, we make sure the applicant has consulted with family members and provides proper identification.

We conclude the meeting by ensuring that the applicant is well informed about our program, our commitment, dedication, and responsibility to the intended parents and the clinic, the services we offer and how we differ from other agencies.