Intended Parents

Thank you for choosing our program we want you to know that you have Choices. When making a delicate decision that is life changing, we want you to be well informed and know that we are here working for you. We offer a detailed and personalized service to ensure we stay connected to you, your donor or surrogate and the clinic. Our commitment is to you and we will be your facilitator throughout the process.

Choosing to work with an ovum donor or surrogate is a difficult decision. It can feel awkward reviewing photos and questionnaires to find someone suitable that meets your expectation. However, when you do find that close to the perfect match and feel that she’s the one to help your family, it will be self-fulfilling.

We discuss with donors and surrogates the process, their level of commitment, dedication, and responsibility. They are well informed as to what our responsibility is to you and the center you are working with.

We work one on own with you.   We provide you with photos and a brief description of each candidate; if you find someone you may be interested in you can request their detailed questionnaire. This gives you personal information about the candidates’ personality, academic, social and medical background, as well as their family’s medical history.

We don’t just provide you with a donor match; we are committed to making that match a success. We will stay involved throughout the cycle every step of the way.

Download and complete the appropriate forms and return along with your application. These materials can be emailed to our program director.

Or submit your request online by completing the Intake Form for Intended Parents.